Climate Change All Time Hungry
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Climate Change

Climate is an average weather conditions like temperature, Atmospheric pressure etc. of any place observed over a long period of time which more than 30 years. Climate change creates a big issue for human being.

What is the difference between Climate and Weather

Weather keeps on changing like summer, winter, rainy season weather is more likely daily details like daily temperature and Atmospheric pressure etc however when we talk about Climate we are talking about the average weather condition or any place for a longer period of time with is more than 30 years.

Why climate change has started ?

The mechanics of the earth’s climate system are simple. When energy from the sun is reflected off the earth and back into space (mostly by clouds and ice), or when the earth’s atmosphere releases energy, the planet cools. When the earth absorbs the sun’s energy, or when atmospheric gases prevent heat released by the earth from radiating into space (the greenhouse effect), the planet warms.

A variety of factors, both natural and human, can influence the earth’s climate system. Climate is supposed to be somewhat static however it has started to change or started to shifted from its mean due to some natural or human lead things.

Reason of Climate change-

Natural reasons :

  • Volcano
  • Ocean waves

But today I’m not going to explain or discuss any natural issue. Because natural reasons contribute very least percentage in Climate change. Instead I’m going to focus on man things which contributing the major portion for climate change.

Man made reason

Green house effect

Green house effect is all about increase in Atmospheric temperature caused by absorption of CO2 and heat in earth’s Atmospheric. Now with advanced technologies and machineries we are producing lot of carbon die Oxide ,more 90% of this heat is observed by the atmosphere.

The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas for electricity, heat, and transportation is the primary source of human-generated emissions.


A second major source is deforestation, which releases sequestered carbon into the air. It’s estimated that logging, clear-cutting, fires, and other forms of forest degradation contribute up to 20 percent of global carbon emissions.

Climate Change All Time Hungry

Other Reasons

Other human activities that generate air pollution include fertilizer use (a primary source of nitrous oxide emissions), livestock production (cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goats are major methane emitters), and certain industrial processes that release fluorinated gases.

What is happening due to Climate Change ?

Climate Change All Time Hungry

Rising Sea Level

 Due to continuous increase in Global warming, frozen sea is melting resulting fresh water getting merge into sea and rising the level. I’ve an image of bannock after looking it will realize how big this problem is, special for the countries like India sharing its border with sea.

Climate Change All Time Hungry

Extreme weather conditions

We have started to see examples of extreme weather conditions. Cyclone Amphan, I’m sure you haven’t forgot Cyclone Fani impacted Orissa and near by coastal Ares. We have started observing hottest days ever recorded in our history. We are experiencing heavy rain fall in month on Feb – march. Which was supposed to be slight winter.

Impact on other creatures

I’m sure you’re listening to news now a days about locust . They are in India and heading towards more parts of southern Asia. They are here due to uncertain rains in India in month of Feb and March.

This unnecessary rain helped grow greenery in dried places and also due to recent Amphan cyclon which changed the Air direction. Due to all these Locust are here and eating up all of our crops.

What we need to do

Renewable energy source: Coal is more dangerous

Plant more tress and develop more forest.

There is a saying IF you wanna go quickly go alone but you wanna to far go together.

When it comes to make our environment better we can not do it alone. We can not only rely upon government to make laws and rules. Instead we need to take control in our hand and we need to do something together make out environment better.

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